Allistair’s creative practice is an exploration of colour and pattern on a surface. His vivid and brightly coloured abstract compositions are inspired by the shapes found within the urban and natural landscapes and his acute sensory responses to sound, in particular music.
Listening | Acrylic on canvas | 2017
Whether painting on a canvas or creating a rug design, Allistair produces work that aims to present sound as a two-dimensional pattern for the audience to experience. Colour is an integral ingredient in Allistair’s artwork and he plays with it with confidence, marking the canvas with gestural brush strokes that appear to dance across the surface, capturing the spontaneity and fluidity of music. 
Dreaming | Emulsion and Acrylic on canvas | 2017
Using colour to tell a narrative Allistair creates paintings that are best described as ‘sonic paintings’ that are composed of a visual language that has developed over time. Allistair’s signature abstract style shows the act of transferring, visually, sound from the ear to the eye and this technique has resulted in his artworks describing an entire song, album or symphony through the effective application of colour and pattern on a surface. A canvas that features a brown square can be representing the sound of a drum, while on  another the recurring circle motif might symbolise a repeating C note, or the sweeping orange curve across the surface of a rug illustrates the sound of a solo violin. 
Homage | Emulsion and acrylic on canvas | 2017