In January 2014 Allistair won the inaugural Afghan Made Best Young Designer Award at the 9th Carpet Design Awards at Domotex Hannover, for designing the surface pattern of the hand-knotted wool carpet, The City

A Carpet Design Award is an international accolade of distinction for an artist or designer and is awarded in recognition for design excellence and quality in hand-made carpets and rugs.


Domotex Hannover, the world’s leading trade show for floor coverings, was Allistair’s first introduction to the high-end international carpet design industry and the award has become a professional milestone in his career.


AfghanMade Best Young Designer stand | DOMOTEX Hannover, Germany  | 2014

Winning the Carpet Design Award has raised Allistair’s professional profile, gaining national and international recognition for his work, and encouraged him to refocus his practice to include designing surface patterns for carpets, which Allistair describes as ‘woven prints’ of his paintings. 

The expressive brush strokes and splashes of colour that feature in Allistair’s energetic paintings, whether created by hand or using an iPad, have been effortlessly translated into stunning hand-knotted carpets, hand-crafted using the finest Karakul wool in Afghanistan and New Zealand wool in Nepal.

The Study of The City | acrylic painting on canvas | 2009

The City carpet is a translation of Allistair’s acrylic painting Study of The City, an abstract representation of the skyline and southbank vista of London, The City carpet was handmade in Afghanistan, using hand-spun wool and natural vegetable dyes to achieve the vibrantly coloured and painterly inspired surface design.

The City carpet is a testament to the expert skills of the Afghan craftsmen and women, demonstrating to the international markets that their traditional weaving techniques, combined with a rich heritage, can create a woven artwork that is both contemporary and luxurious.


The City | hand-knotted Afghanistan wool carpet | 2014