Allistair Covell is an award-winning Artist and Designer with a background in fine art, fashion and printed textiles.

Allistair’s creative practice is an exploration of colour and pattern on a surface. Allistair’s appreciation of colour stems from him being a synaesthete; a condition where the normally separate senses – sight, sound and touch – are not quite so separate. For Allistair, he sees a strong relationship between colour and sound, enabling him to hear and see colours when music is played or someone is talking. Music appears to him is an ever-changing visual colourful audio landscape. 

Colour is an integral ingredient in Allistair’s artwork, evident in his energetic paintings and hand-knotted carpet artworks that are handwoven in Afghanistan and Nepal by expert carpet weaves. Allistair’s paintings and woven carpet artworks, which he refers to as ‘woven paintings’, are abstract visual recordings of places, people and events.

In 2015 Allistair’s work received royal recognition from HRH The Prince of Wales when his textile artwork, ‘Digital Stitch’ was acquired by the National Wool Museum in Wales to become part of their permanent textile collection.

Allistair is a graduate of the University of Bedfordshire with a Foundation Degree with Distinction in Fashion and Textile Design and a BA (Hons) in Surface Design from the University of the Arts London. Since 2014 Allistair has been an elected fellow and a recipient of a studio with The Digswell Arts Trust, an arts organisation that is devoted to supported new talent and emerging creatives. In 2017 Allistair was invited to join Design-Nation, the premium portfolio for Craft, Design and Product in the UK.


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